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Introducing Critter Farm

Critter Farm is available on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Platform. Android and iOS versions coming soon.

Click here for the Critter Farm demo page.

View in Windows 8 App store here and Windows Phone Store here


Version 1.2 is now available!


You are a poor farmer looking to make it big. In Critter Farm, the object of the game is to go from rags to riches by buying and selling critters, while growing food to feed both yourself and your critters during the harsh winter. Run out of food and energy and your flock will starve and you won't make it! Critter Farm combines puzzle and strategy gameplay to deliver a fast paced mobile gaming experience!


  • Part strategic resource management part farm sim
  • Randomly generated maps ensure a new experience every game
  • Different seasons change the way the game is played
  • Balance energy consumption with feeding critters to keep your flock alive
  • Compete with your friends for score based medals
  • Regular content updates to add new gameplay features
Art for critter farm drawn by Sam Keddy

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